What Guardians Need To KNow!

Have questions about pick up, drop off, which class your child will be in, or more?
Check out some frequently asked questions below to be in the know!
What are the  hours of KBK?
Start time: 9:00am
Dismissal time: 12:00pm

Which class will my child be in?
All children will be in the grade they just completed. 4 year olds not starting Kindergarten in the fall will be in the 4 year old class. 5 year olds attending Kindergarten in the fall will be in the Pre-K class. Children that have just completed Kindergarten will be in the Kindergarten class.

Class colors are as follows:
4 Year Olds -  Pink
Pre K - Yellow
Kindergarten - Purple
Grades 1 & 2 - Orange
Grades 3 & 4 - Red
Grades 5 & 6 - Blue

What if my child wants to be with a friend in another grade level?
Children may move down a grade, but not up. For example, a second grader and third grader wanting to stay together would both register for the second grade class. This request should be made at the time of registration.

What are drop off and pick up guidelines?
Please arrive a few minutes early to stop at the registration table and pick up your child’s ID lanyard and coordinating parent badge. This parent badge will be required for pick-up. After stopping at the registration tent, you may walk your child to the tent with coordinating colored flags. Pick up will be in the same location.

Have you taken any safety precautions?
The safety of your child is our most important priority.
We have hired a professional security company to patrol each location.

What is the policy for bad weather?
We will follow the IHSA rules used by public schools and athletic teams. If there is lightning before KBK starts, it will be canceled for that day. Should lightening occur during KBK, we will move the children to safety.

Are you still doing the water gun fight at the end of KBK on Thursday?
We are shaking things up this year and having a color explosion instead. Campers will need a white shirt for the final day of KBK. We have awesome KBK 2019 shirts available in the resource center for purchase, or you can buy your own white shirt for your child. Students will enjoy activities all day themed around their white shirts. The final activity will include color powder, so make sure to send your child in clothing they can get messy and a towel to protect your vehicle heading home.

5th & 6th Grade Nerf War
Students from the following four locations: Miner Park, SIUe Cross Country, Township (Airplane) Park, and Tri-Township Park will be shuttled to the  Metro Edwardsville campus on Wednesday for the Nerf War. Waivers are included in the registration process. Students are encouraged to label and bring their own Nerf gear.

KBK Explosion Celebration
Our Carnival celebration will take place Thursday, July 18 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at both the Metro Edwardsville and Metro Vandalia Campuses. Join us for games, sno cones, food trucks, and fun.
The programming will be engaging for children and adults.